Frequently asked questions

How do I get my purchased items?

In towns where we offer delivery, everything will be left at your door on your delivery day. In towns with pickups, you’ll drive through our pickup location and pop your trunk – the Boxcar team will load everything for you!

Can I make substitutions?

We can't accomodate substitutions at this time.

How do I place my order?

You can order through the Boxcar app or through our website. If you don't already have a Boxcar account, you'll be prompted to create one. For drive-through pickup, please be sure to add the make, model and plate # of your car.

Have another question?

Email support@boxcarapp.com or call (908) 485-7275.

How do pickups work?

Reserve and pay for your box ahead of time. Then when you arrive at the pickup location, please stay in your car. When it's your turn, just pop the trunk and we'll load your groceries for you. That's it!

Can I reserve more than 1 of each item?

Yes! You'll just need to go through the reservation/checkout process separately for each one.

What is Boxcar Local?

Boxcar has partnered with local stores and restaurants in the towns we serve to provide easy pickups or deliveries for a variety of items. This helps keep our local businesses going strong, and makes life easier for our customers by eliminating multiple stops. Just place your order through the Boxcar app or our website. We’ll coordinate with each store or restaurant, and provide a convenient pickup or delivery option for you.

Do I need to print a receipt?

Nope! We’ll check your order via license plate. As long as your plate # is correct in your Boxcar account, you’re all set!

It’s hot out. How do you keep the food cool?

Our team uses refrigerated trucks/vans at all of our pickup locations and deliveries to keep everything at the proper temperature.


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